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Information About Tom Christian

Birth Place
Pitcairn Island
Birth Date
31 October 1935
Current Age
Death Date
06 July 2013
Died Age
Death Place
Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Islanders

Who is Tom Christian?

Tom Christian MBE (1 November 1935 – 7 July 2013) was a citizen of Pitcairn Island, and was its long-serving radio operator. During his lifetime, Christian was profiled in a number of publications, including National Geographic and People magazines.Christian served as the Governor's appointee on the Pitcairn council for forty years. In 1983, Christian was appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire. When Christian was 17, he left the island for New Zealand and stayed for three years, where he was trained to operate the radio station ZBP, first set up by the New Zealand military during World War II. In 1989, according to People magazine, Christian was the highest paid native islander, earning $10,000 a year.The Telegraph reported that Christian had spent other relatively brief periods off-island, that he had always been attracted to life off-island, and never expected to stay on the island so long. Christian, like most Pitcairn Islanders, was a follower of Seventh-day Adventism, and worked for six months at a Seventh-day Adventist radio station in California. He also made several cruises as a radio operator on a freighter vessel. In later years, Christian visited the outside world where he delivered lectures on Pitcairn and its history.Christian was described as one of the two most sought after amateur radio operators in the world. Christian, with call sign VP6TC/VR6TC, served as "the voice of Pitcairn" from the mid-1950s to his retirement in 2004. His radio hut was atop Spyglass Hill, which, at 870 feet (270 m) elevation, is the highest point on the island.According to his New York Times obituary, Christian and his wife Betty Christian took a firm stand during the Pitcairn sexual assault trial of 2004 against the idea that Polynesian people had different standards about the sexual initiation of minors.Christian died of the after-effects of a stroke. He and Betty had four daughters, Darilene, Sherilene, Jacqueline, Raelene, and six grandchildren. According to the American Radio Relay League, he had been diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer's disease in 2009, and his health and awareness of his surroundings had steadily deteriorated since then. His daughters Jacqueline and Raelene are also amateur radio operators.

In What Year(When) Tom Christian Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year Tom Christian died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. Tom Christian passed away in 2013. Tom Christian full date of death is 06 July 2013. Tom Christian passed away on this date. In what year Tom Christian died, the answer to the question is 2013.

How old was Tom Christian when died?

Tom Christian died in 2013. Tom Christian was 77 when he died.

How many years ago did Tom Christian die?

Tom Christian died in 2013. So since we are now in 2022, Tom Christian passed away about 9 years ago.

How many days has Tom Christian been dead?

It has been approximately 3441 days since Tom Christian died.

How many months has it been since Tom Christian died?

Tom Christian has been dead approximately 115 months.

Where did Tom Christian die? Place of Death

Tom Christian closed his eyes on 06 July 2013 at Pitcairn Island. The place of death is Pitcairn Island.

When was Tom Christian born?

Tom Christian was born on 31 October 1935. Tom Christian was born in 1935.

Where was Tom Christian Born? Place of birth

Tom Christian opened its eyes on 31 October 1935 at Pitcairn Island. Place of birth is Pitcairn Island.

How old would Tom Christian be today if were alive?

Tom Christian, who died in 2013, would have been 86 if were alive today.

Is Tom Christian Dead?

Tom Christian died in 2013. Is Tom Christian dead? The answer to the question is Yes.