Who is Ken Riley?, when did Ken Riley die? Ken Riley date of death. Picture of Ken Riley

Information About Ken Riley

Birth Place
Bartow, Florida
Birth Date
05 August 1947
Current Age
Death Date
06 June 2020
Died Age
Death Place
Bartow, Florida

Who is Ken Riley?

Kenneth Jerome Riley (August 6, 1947 โ€“ June 7, 2020) was an American professional football player who was a cornerback. He spent his entire career with the Cincinnati Bengals, first in the American Football League (AFL) in 1969 and then the National Football League (NFL) from 1970 through 1983. Riley recorded 65 interceptions in his career, which was the fourth most in NFL history at the time of his retirement behind three members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dick Lane, Emlen Tunnell, and Paul Krause. But despite his accomplishments, Riley was never selected to play in the AFL All-Star Game or the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, and has not been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In What Year(When) Ken Riley Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year Ken Riley died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. Ken Riley passed away in 2020. Ken Riley full date of death is 06 June 2020. Ken Riley passed away on this date. In what year Ken Riley died, the answer to the question is 2020.

How old was Ken Riley when died?

Ken Riley died in 2020. Ken Riley was 72 when he died.

How many years ago did Ken Riley die?

Ken Riley died in 2020. So since we are now in 2022, Ken Riley passed away about 2 years ago.

How many days has Ken Riley been dead?

It has been approximately 849 days since Ken Riley died.

How many months has it been since Ken Riley died?

Ken Riley has been dead approximately 28 months.

Where did Ken Riley die? Place of Death

Ken Riley closed his eyes on 06 June 2020 at Bartow, Florida. The place of death is Bartow, Florida.

When was Ken Riley born?

Ken Riley was born on 05 August 1947. Ken Riley was born in 1947.

Where was Ken Riley Born? Place of birth

Ken Riley opened its eyes on 05 August 1947 at Bartow, Florida. Place of birth is Bartow, Florida.

How old would Ken Riley be today if were alive?

Ken Riley, who died in 2020, would have been 74 if were alive today.

Is Ken Riley Dead?

Ken Riley died in 2020. Is Ken Riley dead? The answer to the question is Yes.