Who is J.C. Daniel?, when did J.C. Daniel die? J.C. Daniel date of death. Picture of J.C. Daniel

Information About J.C. Daniel

Birth Place
Agasteeswaram taluk
Birth Date
27 November 1900
Current Age
Death Date
26 April 1975
Died Age
Death Place
Agasteeswaram,Kanyakumari District,Tamil Nadu

Who is J.C. Daniel?

Joseph Chellayya Daniel Nadar (28 November 1900 – 27 April 1975) was an Indian filmmaker who is considered as the father of Malayalam cinema. He was the first film-maker from Kerala. He produced, directed, wrote, photographed, edited and acted in the first film made in Kerala, Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child). He also established the first film studio in Kerala, The Travancore National Pictures. The Government of Kerala instituted the Kerala State Film Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1992 in his name, as a part of the Kerala State Film Awards, to honour lifetime achievements in Malayalam Cinema.

In What Year(When) J.C. Daniel Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year J.C. Daniel died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. J.C. Daniel passed away in 1975. J.C. Daniel full date of death is 26 April 1975. J.C. Daniel passed away on this date. In what year J.C. Daniel died, the answer to the question is 1975.

How old was J.C. Daniel when died?

J.C. Daniel died in 1975. J.C. Daniel was 75 when he died.

How many years ago did J.C. Daniel die?

J.C. Daniel died in 1975. So since we are now in 2022, J.C. Daniel passed away about 47 years ago.

How many days has J.C. Daniel been dead?

It has been approximately 17319 days since J.C. Daniel died.

How many months has it been since J.C. Daniel died?

J.C. Daniel has been dead approximately 577 months.

Where did J.C. Daniel die? Place of Death

J.C. Daniel closed his eyes on 26 April 1975 at Agasteeswaram,Kanyakumari District,Tamil Nadu. The place of death is Agasteeswaram,Kanyakumari District,Tamil Nadu.

When was J.C. Daniel born?

J.C. Daniel was born on 27 November 1900. J.C. Daniel was born in 1900.

Where was J.C. Daniel Born? Place of birth

J.C. Daniel opened its eyes on 27 November 1900 at Agasteeswaram taluk. Place of birth is Agasteeswaram taluk.

How old would J.C. Daniel be today if were alive?

J.C. Daniel, who died in 1975, would have been 121 if were alive today.

Is J.C. Daniel Dead?

J.C. Daniel died in 1975. Is J.C. Daniel dead? The answer to the question is Yes.