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Birth Place
Birth Date
17 July 1950
Current Age
Death Date
21 August 2011
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Who is Jack Layton?

John Gilbert Layton (July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011) was a Canadian politician who served as the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) from 2003 to 2011 and Leader of the Official Opposition in 2011. He previously sat on Toronto City Council, occasionally holding the title of acting mayor or deputy mayor of Toronto during his tenure as city councillor. Layton was the member of Parliament (MP) for Toronto—Danforth from 2004 until his death. The son of a Progressive Conservative cabinet minister, Layton was raised in Hudson, Quebec. He rose to prominence in Toronto municipal politics, where he was one of the most prominent left-wing voices on the city and Metropolitan Toronto councils, championing many progressive causes. In 1991, he ran for mayor, losing to June Rowlands. Returning to council, he rose to become head of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. In 2003, he was elected leader of the NDP on the first ballot of the convention. Under his leadership, support for the NDP increased in each election. The party's popular vote almost doubled in the 2004 election, which gave the NDP the balance of power in Paul Martin's minority government. In May 2005 the NDP supported the Liberal budget in exchange for major amendments, in what was promoted as Canada's "First NDP budget". In November of that year, Layton voted with other opposition parties to defeat the Liberal government over the findings of the Gomery Commission. The NDP saw further gains in the 2006 and 2008 elections, in which the party elected 29 and 37 MPs, respectively. In the 2011 election, Layton led the NDP to the most successful result in the party's history, winning 103 seats—enough to form the Official Opposition. Federal support for Layton and the NDP in the election was unprecedented, especially in the province of Quebec, where the party won 59 out of 75 seats. Layton died on August 22, 2011, after being diagnosed with cancer. He was survived by his wife of 23 years, fellow Toronto MP Olivia Chow. Details of the type and spread of the cancer, and the exact cause of death, were not released to the public. Shortly before he died, Layton had nominated Nycole Turmel as interim leader of the NDP and, consequently, of the Official Opposition. Tom Mulcair won the NDP leadership contest to replace Layton.

In What Year(When) Jack Layton Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year Jack Layton died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. Jack Layton passed away in 2011. Jack Layton full date of death is 21 August 2011. Jack Layton passed away on this date. In what year Jack Layton died, the answer to the question is 2011.

How old was Jack Layton when died?

Jack Layton died in 2011. Jack Layton was 61 when he died.

How many years ago did Jack Layton die?

Jack Layton died in 2011. So since we are now in 2022, Jack Layton passed away about 11 years ago.

How many days has Jack Layton been dead?

It has been approximately 4057 days since Jack Layton died.

How many months has it been since Jack Layton died?

Jack Layton has been dead approximately 135 months.

Where did Jack Layton die? Place of Death

Jack Layton closed his eyes on 21 August 2011 at Toronto,Ontario. The place of death is Toronto,Ontario.

When was Jack Layton born?

Jack Layton was born on 17 July 1950. Jack Layton was born in 1950.

Where was Jack Layton Born? Place of birth

Jack Layton opened its eyes on 17 July 1950 at Montreal. Place of birth is Montreal.

How old would Jack Layton be today if were alive?

Jack Layton, who died in 2011, would have been 71 if were alive today.

Is Jack Layton Dead?

Jack Layton died in 2011. Is Jack Layton dead? The answer to the question is Yes.