Who is Elvis Reifer?, when did Elvis Reifer die? Elvis Reifer date of death. Picture of Elvis Reifer

Information About Elvis Reifer

Birth Place
Saint George, Barbados
Birth Date
20 March 1961
Current Age
Death Date
25 August 2011
Died Age
Death Place

Who is Elvis Reifer?

Elvis Leroy Reifer (21 March 1961 – 26 August 2011) was a West Indian cricketer. He was a left-handed batsman and bowled left-arm fast-medium. Reifer made his List A debut for Barbados in 1984. The same season he was signed by Hampshire County Cricket Club, despite having no first-class experience. In his first match for Hampshire he took eight wickets against Cambridge University. Despite this promising start his bowling average started to rise. After just one season with Hampshire he was released and went on to play only one more first-class game for Barbados, before being released at the end of the 1986 West Indian cricket season. Reifer was the uncle of former West Indies captain Floyd Reifer and the father of Raymon Reifer. He died in his sleep in Bridgetown, Barbados on 26 August 2011.

In What Year(When) Elvis Reifer Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year Elvis Reifer died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. Elvis Reifer passed away in 2011. Elvis Reifer full date of death is 25 August 2011. Elvis Reifer passed away on this date. In what year Elvis Reifer died, the answer to the question is 2011.

How old was Elvis Reifer when died?

Elvis Reifer died in 2011. Elvis Reifer was 50 when he died.

How many years ago did Elvis Reifer die?

Elvis Reifer died in 2011. So since we are now in 2022, Elvis Reifer passed away about 11 years ago.

How many days has Elvis Reifer been dead?

It has been approximately 4049 days since Elvis Reifer died.

How many months has it been since Elvis Reifer died?

Elvis Reifer has been dead approximately 135 months.

Where did Elvis Reifer die? Place of Death

Elvis Reifer closed his eyes on 25 August 2011 at Bridgetown. The place of death is Bridgetown.

When was Elvis Reifer born?

Elvis Reifer was born on 20 March 1961. Elvis Reifer was born in 1961.

Where was Elvis Reifer Born? Place of birth

Elvis Reifer opened its eyes on 20 March 1961 at Saint George, Barbados. Place of birth is Saint George, Barbados.

How old would Elvis Reifer be today if were alive?

Elvis Reifer, who died in 2011, would have been 60 if were alive today.

Is Elvis Reifer Dead?

Elvis Reifer died in 2011. Is Elvis Reifer dead? The answer to the question is Yes.