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Who is Barry Frank?

Barry Frank (September 1930 – December 2, 2016) was a smooth-voiced 1950s and early 1960s pop and rock and roll vocalist who professionally recorded numerous 78s, 45s, 33s, and extended play/long play albums for Bell, Columbia, Jubilee, Seeco and other record companies in the United States and Europe. In many cases, Frank covered recordings debuted by other artists, and Frank's talented vocals won acclaim as being far better than the original artists who performed them. These included songs like "Party Doll", "Earth Angel" and "The Great Pretender". In addition to his solo work, Frank also had a brief stint as the lead singer of the Sammy Kaye orchestra. Although his hit recording career did not lead to permanent stardom, Frank continued performing. For many decades, he was master of ceremonies (emcee) of the Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburg, New York, from the 1970s through the 2000s (when the hotel closed), and also performed as a singer at other Catskills resorts on off nights. He retired from performing due to illness, and returned to New York City, but continued to lived independently. Frank died of natural causes, aged 86 on December 2, 2016, and was survived by his son, Todd Frank, of New York City. Arrangements were handled by Walter P. Cooke Funeral Home in New York City.

In What Year(When) Barry Frank Died? Date of Death, What Year Did He Die?

In what year Barry Frank died, in which year he died, questions such as the date of death are being wondered. Barry Frank passed away in NaN. Barry Frank full date of death is 03 October 2022. Barry Frank passed away on this date. In what year Barry Frank died, the answer to the question is NaN.

How old was Barry Frank when died?

Barry Frank died in NaN. Barry Frank was when he died.

How many years ago did Barry Frank die?

Barry Frank died in NaN. So since we are now in 2022, Barry Frank passed away about NaN years ago.

How many days has Barry Frank been dead?

It has been approximately NaN days since Barry Frank died.

How many months has it been since Barry Frank died?

Barry Frank has been dead approximately NaN months.

Where did Barry Frank die? Place of Death

Barry Frank closed his eyes on 03 October 2022 at . The place of death is .

When was Barry Frank born?

Barry Frank was born on 03 October 2022. Barry Frank was born in NaN.

Where was Barry Frank Born? Place of birth

Barry Frank opened its eyes on 03 October 2022 at . Place of birth is .

How old would Barry Frank be today if were alive?

Barry Frank, who died in NaN, would have been if were alive today.

Is Barry Frank Dead?

Barry Frank died in NaN. Is Barry Frank dead? The answer to the question is Yes.